Alignment Helper V 1.1

Alignment Helper

This mod is an alignment aid for players.
What does the mod?
It points to request 2 lines running parallel to the vehicle, as well as their distance (=> working width).
What do I mean?
These lines you can adjust to the width of your device and thus align the lines on the field edge or boundary between original and processed part. So you do not have correct while driving.
But helper …
Yes! The helpers are in 2013 had the sense to LS to align itself.
So why the whole?
=> Eg fertilizer run-off. There is no helpers and the working width is difficult to estimate.
=> For people who want to spar the money for helper and still work their field clean;)

Ctrl + right mouse button => (de) activate
Ctrl + scrolling => Changes the width
Ctrl + Shift + Scroll => Changes width faster

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