Alpego Super Craker kf 9400 v 1.1 plow

Alpego Super Craker kf 9400

Alpego Super Craker kf 9400

Alpego Super Craker kf 9400

best model, the result of extensive experience in this area. The structure was studied in detail for maximum elasticity and strength; The materials used are the best at this time to offer the market. The machine may be required both in the basic version KFR or equipped with double roller franter FKFR with hydraulic adjustment. Subsoiling allows you to work the soil to the desired depth, creating a crushing homogeneous, without upsetting the balance of organic soil. The same, so worked, increases the sponginess also creating an excellent drainage of the subsoil. have fun! **Gianlufarmer92**


Working width: 4 meters

Recommended Power: 320 hp

Weight: 8.500 kg.

Price: 19.800 €

Daily upkeep: 95$ / day



Original model Ls 2013: Fabyte modding-Rev
Converted to Ls 2015: Gianlufarmer92-Jukka

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