Amazon Crass Hopper V 1.01

Amazon Crass Hopper

Oh well,
hab grad vacation and there makes one times the things you do not do otherwise. I like most new mods and then I’ll use it a handy all-purpose vehicle. I for one think the result is not bad. Even that I beat the textures fit the quite well.
So: Was once a Amazone Profihopper became a stark device
7t curb weight
100 Km / h
If so, that as with all kinds CAN make, but it is absolutely not meant for everyday use (sometimes annoys too). On the other hand, it is sent in circumstances when something stands in the corner.
Well, long story short, Have fun with it, Serious plugged in it and no one wants beautiful days Eisbearg
Model comes times of Giants, has bubu6008 converted to FS15. Then it has faerdi brought (of which I have no feedback) forward. I got it now ultimately totally disfigured.