Amazone EDX 6000 TC V 1.0

Amazone EDX 6000 TC

Hey Comm,

I hereby present you the Sämaschiene Amazone EDX 6000-TC of Guagi to download free.
It revolves around a Einzelkornsähmaschine for maize and sugar beet with no-till possibility.

Thanks to Guagi for sharing!

Seed hopper: 3600 l
Sähelemente: 8
Working width: 6 m
Price: € 57,000
Maintenance cost: 30 €
Spurenreißer integrated
Direct sowing possible

The data are real.

LS13: Guagi
Ls15: Bombastic

Guagi: I have made ??this mod not alone my brother gave me the 3D models.

Bombastic: Mod converted completely error free. (Login is clean)


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