Auto Tractor v 2.0




With the 5 key to open the AutoTractor Hud. There you will find 20 buttons. Here it is registered in the following scheme:

A1 A2 A3 A4 A5
B1 B2 B3 B4 B5
C1 C2 C3 C4 C5
D1 D2 D3 D4 D5

A1: helpers / on off
A2: switching between the built-in helpers of Giants (default) and the AutoTractor helper
A3: Switch between up / down mode (default) and Circular Motion
A4: Automatic steering. Here AutoTractor accepts only the steering. You have to own the gas. As soon as one draws itself, the automatic steering switches off again. They can also be on the 5 key switch
A5: During the turning maneuver, you can skip to the next step. This is sometimes needed when the helper has stuck
B1: Vorwende on / off (default is off). The headland only works with up / down mode
B2: headland with / without considering the working width
B3: collision checking (default is off)
B4: Turn mode
B5: seed consumption (default is on). As of Patch 1.2, the helper uses basically the existing seed. If this button is on, then hold the helper at once no more seed is in the tank.
C1: This button activates the left edge
C2: This button activates the right margin
C3: increasing the maximum steering angle
C4: reduction of the maximum steering angle
C5: not assigned
D1: increase working width
D2: reduction of the working width
D3: more space when turning / headland
D4: Less space when turning / headland
D5: Reversing on / off (default is on)

In addition, you can still change the speed with buttons 1 and 2. With key 3 you can let pause the helper. The buttons for the headland (B1, B2, C3, C4) and seed consumption (B5) now work in normal helper. There are in addition to all devices that also can the normal helper, even spraying, fertilizer spreader, manure spreaders and slurry barrels supportive. Also drawn harvesters and Krautschläger should work. But this is still experimental.


mogli aka biedens

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