Case Puma 160 Police Edition

Case Puma 160 Police Edition

Mod Details
Case Puma 160 Police Edition by Mattxjs (AgentObsidian)

Please note, this mod is entirely for fun. It is not meant to be serious in any way.

Although it looks a bit silly, Lincolnshire police have a serious message to go with it.

“The tractor looks like a bit of fun but there is a serious message behind it – that we take rural crime seriously and want to work closely with our local communities. At this time of year agricultural crime can have a big impact on farmers because if a tractor is stolen people can lose their jobs or livelihood. That’s why we are trying to make people aware of all the deterrents that are available and encouraging farmers to avoid becoming victims by tagging their vehicles.”

Custom lightbar
Too many beacons..
Police siren
A stupid top speed which you can’t even get up to on the default map..
A bit drifty – a bit less that the ingame Lizard Piqup

MP Testing
Tested in MP with johndeere2450 and was fully functional.
GIANTS – Model and ingaming
Mattxjs – Light bar and ingaming
??? – Walkie talkie

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