Deutz Agrosun 140 v 1.0

Deutz Agrosun 140

Deutz Agrosun 140

Deutz Agrosun 140

Shortly before the 4th Advent again a little thing, the relatively unknown Deutz Agrosun 140th

The Agrosun based on the tugs of the Same Laser series and was built from 1998 mainly for export. Main differences are the air-cooled Deutz 6 cylinder engine and the DX hood.

The tractor is based on the standard Hürlimann with new hood (Agrostar 6:31) and a new engine model. Adapted rear hydraulics to the new size and customized gear with Achstrichtern.


-Kaufbares Frontgewicht

-IC (Image)

-Ausblendbare Fender (image)

-Door Opened from the outside (Picture)

-Ergänzter Exhaust smoke

– “Sprung” inner camera

Not guaranteed -Fehlerfreiheit


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