Deutz Weight V 1.0

Deutz Weight

Deutz Weight V 1.0

hi this is not my mod I had him privart original for LS13 and find it good and the uhrmoder not answer or can not find man in the net so if anyone who knows where the original inventor of this mods please report dawei is just deutz weight and v1 v2 is then original mod and I only load as high as I want the weight only in ls15 have weill it is good and beautiful

I have lackirt only deutz deutz logo and the lamps were all already I’ve tuned it only made ls15 tauuglich and deutz lackirt

gone I find it a shame that no one reports how the heist uhrmoder I do not know mher I weill since 3 monads around bastlt and unfortunately god my external hard blatte kaput is where everything was on unfortunately I do not want belonung for it or anything else, I just want you because mod ready to provide mh I have not found among weights

I would not consider it for modklau I weill yes the work and made effortless to find him only if no answer is or says I have not built it then I can not do anything to change in yourself pity you invite the weight-rounder and have fun because

da bua und unbekande uhrmoder

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