Easy Life On Bjorn Holm V 1.0


Welcome to the Map: Easy Life on Bjorn Holm

I have spent many hours and noticed on the map that you
could nevertheless much easier and so because to enlarge gameplay
and got my first try made to the map and that is fürn top
thereby incurred.


What has changed?

– All coins have been gathered together where they are, however, you have been finding yourself;)
– The sale triggers the sawmill because wagons was made to high.
So you can offer your wood immediately from the car sale.
– The tree seeds pallets by it in the Gärt Monterrei Buys, is Placed at the sawmill.
– The straw sale trigger on your farm was Enlarges.
You can now leave the bales in front of the shed for sale.
– Chicken eggs were collected on a bunch gathered at the cottage.
– The number of max. Chicken eggs I have increased to 1,000.
– Village in the north was Enlarges.
– The Abladebehälter the BGA trigger for silage has been lowered.
– Encouraging your yard created more shelters for your vehicles.
– In the barn where your chicken farm is, there is a trigger egg sales.
– Textures on the farm improved.

The map simply tuen mod folder because in and off you go.

These are my first attempts, the best of the standard map to pick.

Do you have more ideas? Then let me know and send me a message.
The improvements will be implemented in the next versions.

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