Eggs Pallet Cage V 1.0

Eggs Pallet Cage

The Eggs Pallet Cage (EPC)

Imho the production of eggs can be considered ineffective right now. The EPC shall improve that by giving a sample how to do it. You may improve furthermore, you have my permission.

In common, FS’s ChickenHusbandry egg production works on a node given at “pickupObjectsIndex”. Every child node is a egg (whether the node is a gun or an egg). A random child node is made visible when an egg is produced. The EggTrigger of that child node makes it collectable and will reset the node to invisible, which says a new egg can be produced here.

What is improved:
– on production, eggs are placed in the pallet, you do not need to run around for minutes to collect them
– the amount of eggs is raised to 216 (which is enough for a week at 100 chicks)

The EPC needs to be placed with GE. I don’t know a way to have it Placeable (and I even think there is no way to do that). It replaces the “eggs” transform of the ChickenHusbandry. How to do this: (description belongs to the Standard Bjornholm Map)
1. copy the EPC files somewhere to your map folder (it will work without this step, if you replace the textures in the i3d with the original links)
2. in GE have your map open, now say import on the EggsPaletCage.i3d
3. Put the EPC in the ChickenHusbandry by cut -> mark ChickenHusbandry -> paste
4. move the EPC up to the “eggs” transform by right-click on EPC move up/down
5. Now set the User Attribute “pickupObjectsIndex” of the ChickenHusbandry to the node of the EPC’s “eggs” transform (check the screen shots). In case it is the Standard Map and you made steps 1-5, it shall be 2|0

Finally some notes: Though the object is small it was a day of work. It looks not that great but for me it works and does the job. I give you the permission to modify it and to use it on your map or what ever. This is because I do not want to spend more time by myself on that mod. So, I will answer questions on how to improve (while change request stay unanswered). I hope you can understand that.
E.g. to increase the amount of eggs you can just mark some eggs in the eggs node, copy them and paste them in addition on the eggs node. The visual effects does not change but you have more eggs in your box.

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