Fendt 933 Textures V 1.0 Army Textures

Fendt 933 Textures

Hi LS gamblers,
I offer you here at textures for how I find very good Fendt 933 LS Slavo of modding.
Here is the original link to Fendt: http://uploaded.net/file/dhzixcd9
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Features: -Indoor hud-washable-mountable-speed joystick-speed display control-rpm display control

Credits: Slavo LS modding MarekBJAgrokom AS
Where you have to say yes washable but only partially so the tires and the ground.
What have I changed?
I entpixelt the textures and some aufgefrischt.Sie ??fit better for LS 15th
It is a matter of taste but I like the pixelated and made to look old textures do not.
I also have the problem that only one wing was dirty and the other does not also achieved with a texture change.
Furthermore, I have the luster significantly reduced.
If there is someone still may be too much shine can simply change:
If we make the Body_Specular.dds brighter it gläntz more and the other around.
However, if you change the Body_Specular you have to change the Body.dds.
Simply put Body_Specular.dds darker Body.dds brighter the color adjust again.

Why do not I ask the Fendt with the modified textures for download?
I have tried Slavo on Facebook for weeks to kontaktieren.Leider without success.

Is this Modklau?
Definitely nicht.Für the textures Trelleborg has Giants’ rights and the body and other textures in which it is no longer comprehensible whoever created hat.Man are found in every 2nd Fendt and the credits are always other so stay cool :)
Also, I am personally of the opinion where it belongs Fendt Fendt is;)

What do you have?
You invite you with the link above designed down to Fendt.
You invite you down my textures.
Your unpacked the Fendt and you will receive a Fendt_933 folder.
Your unzipped my textures, there are 2 folders in it and you copied into the folder and Fendt_933 Replace all the files.
Then it grabs the Fendt_933 in a zip.Hier asks himself the name of the zip to change in eg Fendt_933_Green I’ll upload another White and Black Edition.

I myself do not have the Credits.Ich it did for me and for you, not for my ego.
Since there are only changed the textures so to say are fair game, I need not write on this site is prohibited blah.
What is not allowed is everyone should be clear, ask the mod with the modified textures somewhere to download.
Have fun LS investigated.

MFG Nicco74

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