Fliegl Overload Station v 1.1

Fliegl Overload Station

Fliegl Overload Station

Fliegl Overload Station

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The Fliegl About charging station is suitable for overloading chopped, silage, straw, wood chips, compost, litter and manure. The particular advantages of the transfer station are obvious and lie mainly in the labor and time savings, cost-effectiveness and the efficiency of loading. Capacity 50cbm, overcharge capacity 20cbm / min (values ??are real and have been tested)

Special features:

– Washable
– Height-adjustable drawbar
– Level indicator via digital display
– Work camera

Many thanks to Marhu and Ifkonator for helping Script :D



– Fix Dediserver
– Texture display_light_on.dds was enlarged to 8×8 pixels (fixes bugs in Direct3D mode)

1. Release


Modder: Farmer_Andy (Andy1978) Scripts: Marhu, Ifkonator

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