Greenhouse salad v 1.21

Greenhouse salad

After a week of work, I’ll present you a greenhouse for salad, it can be placed but also suitable for GE.
A very special thanks go to Marhu for the expansion of the factory script without him would be the greenhouse only an empty shell.

Originally it was to be a broccoli Gewächhaus. But then I decided to technical reasons and I swung around at the last minute on salad.
The greenhouse must be supplied with seed, water, and fertilizer. For the power supply, a diesel generator is responsible of this must be filled with a small amount (120L) diesel. The product obtained salad on a pallet and as a byproduct Salad waste is automatically chopped from Scrapmaster and comes out (chaff).
The whole plant is fully animated, let yourself be surprised. I have paid attention to the performance should still needed after a LowPoly version with Layer plants give then says modest.


The filling of the tanks is TipTrigger handled the heist it can no standard trailers are used.
Used to simply the Kotte Universal from here:

Kotte trailer

Required resources:

– 10000L seeds (seeds, wheat)
– 10000L water
– 10000L Fertilizer (liquid fertilizer)
– 120 L diesel


– Salad on a pallet (1Palette has 2000L)
– Salad waste (chaff)

This results in a passage where the raw materials are filled to 100% 5 pallets salad that is ungefair € 20,000 income on the sale.
And then there are the remains in the tanks available.
If that’s too little can the price in the zip file to adjust the value in the lettuce_reg.lua 00:50

So now a lot of fun!


Script: Marhu

Mod: Farmer_Andy aka Andy1978

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