Inspector V 2.3


Inspector (V2.3)

Do you want to know what other Players are doing? Or you need to keep an eye on your (AI) helpers? Or if your Stock is hungry?

The Inspector shows you:
– your vehicle (bold) with all of the attached implements and up to two trailers (with cargo),
– all vehicles controlled by helpers (marked with an *) or other players (with name),
– all combines or vehicles that still have load (even uncontrolled ones),
– combines with over 80% load are shown in yellow,
– warning if productivity is below 100%,
– warning if Wool pallete is over 90% capacity,
– if someone has the light beacon activated a “!” is shown,
– water warning,
– vehicles with below 10% Fuel have additional info (Schl├╝ter Super Trac 2500 VL Fuel@9%), if below 4% a warning is shown in red color.

New and improved:
– CTRL + W – toggle full and short output,
– CTRL + D – toggle black or white text,
– CTRL + A – display on/off.

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