Krone Turbo 2500 V 1.0

Krone Turbo 2500

This is a used car charging the company crown. It comes with a capacity of 25,000 liters and with grass, hay, straw, shredded wood chips and filled. The Wagon has the LS 15 standard scripts; ie lights, turn signals, dynamic Füllplane, tires and tires dust particles and Dreckttextur are installed. The charging car is at the dealer from 12.000, – available LS. The daily maintenance costs amount to 20 – LS.
In this sense, a lot of fun during loading,
Functions and Features:
Volume capacity: 25,000 oil price: 12.000, – LS
Upkeep: 20 – LS / day
Dynamic Füllplane
Fully functional lights and indicators
Be loaded with: grass, hay, straw, wood chips and chopped
Credits: faerdi, unknown000, Steyr modders and -Domi

Credits: faerdi

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