Manitou1542TSR Mod Pack V 1.0 Clean


Here the Manitou1542TSR_LS15_clean
incl. multi-bucket and bale fork …

Who does not like, simply NOT upload!

Manitou 1542TRS:
* Animated
* Attacher front / rear: normal / low
* Frontladerattacher: telehandler, 2x front loader (LS13 / LS15), cutter, implement
* Work light front
* Heavy (30t)!
* … And other little things

Multi blade:
* Frontladerattacher: front loader
* Capa: 7,500
* Fruits:
rape maize barley sunflower wheat grass dryGrass chaff potato
Sugarbeet silage forage seeds manure fertilizer lime sand wood chips

Multi fork v2:
* Frontladerattacher: front loader
* Animated
* Bales attach to keystroke x
* Verbreiterbar keystroke
… Thereby fold out the spikes and push outwards.
The ball Attac Herbe Reich changes with it!

*! … Unpack it … NOT!

* Log: … clean up to 4x I10 warnings
(No idea why … everything in it)

Have fun with it … TheSecretLife

LS09: Jaguar_driver ???
LS11: Punica ???

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