Mietpark V 1.1


With this mod pack all be (except the chainsaw) original rented vehicles and equipment.

The Mietfunktion should be as simple as possible be used. Therefore, it is sufficient to zip file in
To copy the mod folder. Then under categories (mods) to find all the vehicles. For more
“Alterations and adjustments” are not necessary.

Thus, it is not simply due to the rent formula is based:
Sell / Deposit: 1% of the purchase price origanlen (what is it deducted upon return is
for insurance, fuel, and of course a small processing fee (which there is
still free?).
Daily rent: 20% of the original purchase price. This value appears at first sight
absurdly high, but is continually through the program in smaller installments
confiscated. Thus, the hourly rent is 1 / 24ths of it. Is it really so …

It brings money, the vehicle / equipment as soon as possible to give back.

So, a few tips from my review:
Sets the time necessarily to 1x. The game runs faster you are soon broke.
Consider carefully whether it must be the largest machine it is essential. More on this below.
If you have no car, you are on foot. Also, the quick jump to the yard …
Respect for seeders / fertilizer spreaders, etc. necessarily to the required capacity. Leftovers are gone in return.

If you’re thinking – aha, still so’n Cheat – out of luck. Depending on the difficulty you are to act somewhat considered. Where: Simple is always the money printing press, so it does not matter whether one uses Mietfahrzeu ge normal is more difficult, but the profit should be slightly higher than without mod heavy can quickly lead to bankruptcy when renting is not considered… But that should determine at any s ven

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