Milk Truck v 1.1

Milk Truck

Today I present my converted milk truck for download.

Mobile and LS 15 ready made.

He ought to be aware of Ls 13 because he has automatically collected the milk,

now you can even the milk go with him ..

Version 1.1

Capacity increased to 16,500 liters.

Trailer attacher inserted.

!!! Important !!! without trigger does not work the truck. And no other mod is to fill ….

With the “O” button Makierung is displayed at the trigger on Mod Map’s with milk trigger. (Not in the standard-Map’s without trigger)

It is compatible with the mod of Marhu.

You can trigger the placeable:


Mod StopMilkSale

Mod StopMilkSale

Stops the automatic vending …



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