Ural 5557 v 1.1

Ural 5557

The beginning of the eighties, the URAL 5557 truck was developed with beidiseitiger discharge for the transportation of bulk commodities. The main use was for agriculture. The vehicle is equipped with Allradantrieb.Ural 5557 has V8 diesel engine KAMAZ 740.10 with 210 hp. Payload is 7 tons and is capable of a trailer of 11.5 t ziehen.Höchstgeschwindigkeit to 80 km / h.

5557 Ural Pack consists of two Fahrzeugen.Ein vehicle loading volume 9000l and can transport wheat rape maize barley chaff potato sugarbeet sunflower silage wood chips, the second vehicle load capacity 17000l and can transport sugarbeet chaff silage grass wood chips.

Mirror, animated instrument clusters, dust from the wheels leaves traces on the road, dynamic exhaust, passenger.


Author: Sanjka86
3D Modell: Sanjka86
In Game LS 2015: Sanjka86

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