Vaderstad Rapid A600S v 1.2.1

Vaderstad Rapid A600S

The Väderstad Rapid A600S has been adjusted slightly


9m working width

Fruit varieties: wheat, barley, canola, grass

Seeding speed to 30km / h

Drill can be the usual trigger and fill with a shovel (wheel loaders, etc.) and with big bags

Changelog v1.2.1

Adjusting the outer disc harrows (shooting not)
Adjusting the outer Saatteller (shooting not)
Saatplane adjusted in the tank
Schlachpacket adjusted (Rakte into the tank in the folded state)
Animation adapted the Saatplane in the tank

Changelog v1.2

Model Adaptation
Installed tramline scripts
Spurenreißer can be adjusted (a / exit)
Cover can now be opened (for filling the seed drill)
Saatplane was installed
Installed flashing lights at the rear


When talking about tramlines caution. Press button (M) I can turn on the tramline thriller. If this on headlands or example. meadows not made up (turned off), there is “nothing” to grow more.



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