Deutz Series 5 TTV V 1.2.1 Pflegebereifung

Deutz Series 5 TTV

Hi there!
Today I can you imagine the Deutz Series 5 TTV. In this version, the two variants TTV 5110 and TTV 5130 are included. They are based on the standard Hürlimann XM 130. The two tractors come with 110 or 130 hp and do well on small to medium-sized businesses. With stylish and powerful appearance sets new standards in efficiency, productivity, and comfort the Series 5 TTV. It is characterized by known standard functions and remained logfehlerfrei in my tests.
There are other versions planned.
In this spirit, I wish you much fun plow,
your Ferdi

Update V 1.2.1: A new version of the compact all-rounder is now available from your Deutz-Fahr dealer. The new features include changes to the textures and the Frontladerkonsole. For a surcharge of 3,000 each, – the two LS tractors are now available with the known Frontladerkonsole of Banbi and Assassin (from the Modhub), making them even better for daily use in the stable or the biogas plant. The new models are from 80,000 – LS at the dealer. The new flagship, the Deutz TTV 5130 is 100,000, – LS.

Other: The download file is a .zip folder that you have to unpack. The tractors are included as individual files in it.
Disclaimer: Some of you may already know the Deutz TTV 5120, exists for the agricultural simulator 15 for some time. The modder has however asked me not to use out of his mod (for this reason, appear to me no TTV 5120). I followed this request and have therefore taken no part in the 5120 TTV. Therefore, the mod is based on an original GIANTS model and is approved by me in principle for any other use. However, I ask for retaining the credits. When using the Frontladerkonsole please ask beforehand at Banbi and Assassin’s permission!

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