Kenworth dump v 2.0

Kenworth dump

hello I bring the V2 version of the truck Kenworth dump and with all repairs and suggestions requested, and to model collision on the front, and not deliza on the road and the direction is corrected, a slide is added towing multiple for different types of trailer. I give you the grace to a friend who helped me to correct this failure. with capacity of 80,000. listros and you can transport various products such as: wheat rape maize silage barley chaff potato sugarbeet woodchips grass_windrow barley_windrow manure forage forage_mixing cement concrete gravel sand sunflower. This truck will be also put amimacion in tachometer speed, Revolutions and conbustible. This truck brings traction in its 10 tire as it is 6×6, that its 3 axes are active and has dynamic exhaust and dust in the air, leaving the coals on the roads, with plenty of drag as it has a motor 1000 HP and can reach a speed of 85 km / r, you can keep the raised dump and covered with tent.I give the grace Neutrix by i3d tipper.



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