MAN 18 660 Taurus Edition V 1.0

MAN 18 660 Taurus Edition

Idea / concept / realization / anniversary / thank you:
As a thank you for the encouragement of the Taurus and the mountain goat, we have been thinking about how you can thank the community. As it was for me a light. Because so far I have always a “decent” (evil) in my tractor fleet missing where the “total package” is coherent.
660 hp “Taurus engine” of the 2nd Generation (Series Typical Motorenge√§usche)
Weight optimization
better “more real” weight distribution (without trailer, because the weight on the rear axle missing difficult handling)
9.8 to total weight (600ltr tank capacity as a variable to Geamtgewicht)
VmaxFW 88km / h
VmaxBW 30km / h
taut chassis
improved brakes
Daytime Running Lights (it’s a game and it’s RED!)
Adaptive Headlights
Adaptive Highbeam
3rd brake light
2x flashing lights
Warning flasher
Foghorn (Taurus / mountain goat)
matteres Design
Clear view (slices)
Airbrush (3rd brake light integrated into it)
and much more.

by Shoebecks Prototypenschmiede

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