Manually Abbunkern V 1.2 Final SP

Manually Abbunkern

With this mod you can abbunkern push of a button for all threshers.

It bothered me is that you always load evenly react very quickly to a trailer.
Works the way, definitely not in multiplayer because I currently do not have any option for normal MP tests.

Have fun with it!

First anticipated, this version was now really as I upload them tested and works perfectly in the following cases:
– Beet and potato harvesters
– Combines
– Attached harvesting equipment
– Chopper (remain unchanged, was observed)
– Helper operation

Changelog V1.2:
– Store-pic changed in dds format
– Files are now packaged as ZIP * eyes * torsionally
– General bugfix regarding the helpers

Hope that there is now nothing to complain about and hope you enjoy it!

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